Honey (Part II: Varieties of Honey)

By: Patrick Gouin Late harvest honey is currently being made by our bee friends and Summer is in full-effect here in New England, so it’s only appropriate that we move … Continue Reading →

Honey (Part I: What is Honey & How is it Processed?)

Well, I promised back in October that my next post would be about honey. It only took me a few months! Sometimes life gets in the way. What are you … Continue Reading →

Celebrating the wonderful world of Mead!

Mead Day 2013

Well, it’s been a couple months now since National Mead Day 2013, so it’s about time I post about it! On August 3rd, The local homebrew shop I work for, … Continue Reading →

Introducing Pat and the World of Mead

(A brief note from Matt: “I’m very excited to have my good friend Pat coming on board to offer his insight into the world of Mead.  Pat is a talented brewer … Continue Reading →

The Proving Grounds

A lot of people have asked me recently about competition brewing.  As the world of craft and homebrewing continues to grow the want to showcase your created brews and see … Continue Reading →