Yeast Entry #1: Time for a Revolution Part 1

I like video games.  I used to work in the video game industry, I still play them, and find them very relaxing; especially when enjoying them with a quality beer … Continue Reading →

First Wort Hops

A while back I did an entry on hops and hop bursting.  I talked about alpha and beta acids, their solubility, and explained how hop bursting can be used to … Continue Reading →

Adult Playtime

I’ve been working so hard on the electric brewery that I feel like I haven’t just gone crazy with a brew in awhile.  Experimentation, simply throwing out the rules and … Continue Reading →

5 “Must Drink” Beers Volume 4

I’m sitting here running yet another test on the new brewing system.  Today I am doing a big, boozy barleywine.  Making a beer this big is often a longer process, … Continue Reading →

The building never stops…

So I must admit, it has been an extremely busy month since the new year arrived, so I apologize for the tardiness of this post.  That being said, the electric … Continue Reading →